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This sounds like your receiver is being overloaded by a very strong signal, too strong for your Baofeng to handle. They are noted for this. Try removing the antenna. If the signal is not strong enough to hear like that, then plug the antenna back in and try wrapping aluminum foil around part of it, with the foil touching the metal antenna connector. It may ...


This isn't a broken antenna, or you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between transmission and no transmission. Most likely the department in your new location is using digital radios which can't be received by your UV5R. What sounds like static to you is actually the digital signal.


It's hard to say what went wrong from here, but handheld transceiver antennas fail often, usually because the radio is dropped. I suggest trying some systematic troubleshooting. If you can borrow another Baofeng that is known to work, try swapping antennas. You surely reprogrammed the radio when you moved, so the programming is suspect; try reprogramming ...

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