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In Part 97, of course. Specifically, section 97.313, "Transmitter Power Standards". But of course it's not just per band... there are several limits that only apply to Novice license holders (none of those have been issued since 2000, but existing holders can still have them), one limit only applies to US territories outside of IARU Region 2 (i.e. ...


The ARRL's band chart (PDF) includes the maximum allowed power for stations in the United States and its territories. Sometimes the power limit depends on the license class of the operator and/or the band; in that case, the power limit is adjacent to the graphic for that license class and/or band. If no power limit is listed there, then the power limit is ...


Thailand For its own amateur radio licences, Thailand has three grades - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Basic allows access to the 2m VHF band only, and the higher two grades allow access to HF as well. The Intermediate and Advanced licences require a basic Morse code test, although it looks like it's very simple. However, Thai amateur radio licences are ...


India India has two classes of licenses - general and restricted. Getting the general license requires sending and receiving morse at 8 wpm. [Source][1] [1]:,Morse%20reception%20and%20sending%20(8%20wpm)

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