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.... The frequency is 900MHz, Z1=29-j23 and the network is a series L (8.4nH) and a parellel C (3pF)..... That is correct; transformation is OK. The impedance is 50 Ohm real at 900 Mhz. Picture belonging to comment. Comment doesn't allow pictures.


You will need a VOX circuit, and optionally, a VOX program. As long as the radio you are connected to is type certified, it is perfectly legal to connect it to a PC for the purposes of transmitting voice. First off, you need some aux cables, and if you PC has a combined speaker and mic jack, you need a TRRS splitter. You also may need a 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm ...


Use the normal PTT and audio connections. Similar to what you would use with a digital connection.

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