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From what I remember, after you program the Hot Keys, you then need to apply them to an actual key (PF1, PF2, PF3, P1, P2) to access them. Basically they are like functions that you can define (things that are not otherwise available for key assignment). If you look at the options that are available for, let's say the PF2 key, Hot Keys 1-6 should be ...


Since one aspect of amateur radio is "home brew" ... anything that transmits a "suitable signal" in an amateur band operated by a licensed amateur radio operator, is legal. The key part of the "suitable signal" is power level and spurious signal levels, and includes permitted modulations in the portion of the band wherein the transmission occurs.


The ARRL runs a booth at Dayton Hamvention since 2012 where people can submit their HTs to be tested for spectral purity. Over the years 2016-2019, 100% of the Alinco, Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu HTs they tested were compliant with the standards laid out in Section 97.307. Only 7.5% of the Baofeng HTs they tested were compliant, with 27% being "borderline" (...

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