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Yes. You're looking for a transverter that will take RF from one source (your radio) and treat it as if it were an IF stage into another system. Here is an example. Obviously, you'll need to take care that you have operating privileges at the output of the transverter, including making sure spurious emissions are appropriately suppressed, etc.


Welcome to ham radio! Sorry, but there isn't anything practical that you could do to make your Baofeng UV-82 transmit at substantially-higher frequencies. The obvious answer is of course to buy a radio for the frequency band that you'd like to use. In the US there is a 33 cm ham band from 902 – 928 MHz, and commercial-band radios use similar frequencies. ...


You won't be able to, basically you'd have to redesign the whole radio. For example even if you somehow increased the frequency, there would be filters that follow that would cut down the signal. Everything is tuned and matched for a certain frequency range. There are other options but not for the Baofeng.

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