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ALC limits the the input power to the power amplifier (PA). Overdriving the PA would be bad: it might overheat, or exceed the voltage or current ratings of the components, eventually, or sometimes immediately, damaging the PA. Or it might just cause a lot of distortion and spurious emissions. If the radio has adjustable output power, often this controls the ...


ALC, in general, stands as an abbreviation for Automatic Level Control, which is a class of circuits designed to back-feed information about the output signal to an amplifier. The goal is to change the parameters of the amplifier so that a clean output that remains within certain parameters is attained. In normal HF transceivers, such a circuit will most ...


After a little bit of searching I discovered that this topology is called QER filter, where QER stands for Quasi-EquiRipple. This topology is attributed to Dr. Dave Gordon-Smith, G3UUR, who is also well-known for inventing a popular method (the G3UUR method) of measuring crystals. Apparently it was first described in The QRP Quarterly, Spring 2010 under the ...


Menu option for ssb filter (38?) should be "off", if no filter.


You will need a VOX circuit, and optionally, a VOX program. As long as the radio you are connected to is type certified, it is perfectly legal to connect it to a PC for the purposes of transmitting voice. First off, you need some aux cables, and if you PC has a combined speaker and mic jack, you need a TRRS splitter. You also may need a 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm ...


FYI C4FM is not allowed below 29 Mhz. This is because it is a wide band modulation and uses more than the allowable bandwidth for HF band transmission. Straight FM is not allowed below 29 Mhz for the same reason.


Use the normal PTT and audio connections. Similar to what you would use with a digital connection.

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