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Questions about the design, selection, building, testing, mounting, or properties of antennas. See also specific tags: [antenna-theory], [antenna-construction], [dipole], etc.
Designing antennas, selecting antennas for specific applications, properties of a given antenna design.
Questions specific to rules, regulations, and practices in the United States of America.
271 questions
Radio devices that use digital signal processing in place of analog electronic components to manipulate RF signals.
252 questions
Materials and methods for building antennas, and design of supporting (non-conductive) structures. For design of antennas themselves, use [antenna-theory] instead.
Questions regarding laws or other legal regulations pertaining directly to amateur radio. Also tag your question with the relevant location. If in doubt, always seek professional legal advice.
212 questions
The frequency range 3-30 MHz. HF radio waves often propagate by bouncing off the ionosphere, allowing communication between continents. This tag may also be used for questions about the 160 meter ban…
191 questions
for questions about the theory and structure of receivers.
169 questions
Transmission of digital signals over Amateur Radio, including modes like PSK-31, RTTY, JT-65, JT-9, etc.
146 questions
Questions about RF propagation including measurements, beacons, modes (ionospheric, tropospheric, ground wave), etc.
137 questions
Questions dealing with handmade (Do It Yourself) radios and radio accessories.
136 questions
Very High Frequency is the frequency range 30-300 MHz.
128 questions
Questions related to the licensing of amateur radio operators and stations. Please also tag your question with the relevant location.
124 questions
for questions regarding RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).
124 questions
Ultra High Frequency is the frequency range 300-3000 MHz.
122 questions
Continuous Wave (CW), or Morse code over audible tones. Use this tag for any question relating to Morse code.
121 questions
Anything to do with wire antennas, including how to build one, how different wire antennas perform, how to tune them or when to use a balun, and what types of wire work best in certain antennas.
121 questions
The system composed of an antenna and a feed line, and possibly also an RF ground connection, antenna tuner, balun, phasing device, et cetera.
118 questions
for questions relating to dipole antennas.
111 questions
Questions about coaxial cables, including different types of cable, connectors, adapters, and other topics.
111 questions
Questions about power ratings and restrictions, including maximum power by law or for certain components, or about calculating power in certain situations.
110 questions
A widely used toolkit used to develop software-defined radios and general signal processing applications.
108 questions
Baofeng is a manufacturer of radio equipment. Use this tag for questions relating specifically to Baofeng products.
104 questions
A device that receives a signal and re transmits it either in the same band or by re-modulating it in a different band.
102 questions
for general questions relating to transceivers.
102 questions
Discussion related to the rtl-sdr project, which enables certain television dongles and other hardware to be used as a cheap SDR receiver
98 questions
Amateur radio satellites refer to any artificial object in Earth orbit that are useful for amateur radio purposes.
98 questions
Questions which involve the properties or applications of individual electronic components.
97 questions
for questions about which frequencies to use or not use in certain locations/situations.
97 questions
for questions related to vertical antennas, the construction, characteristics and performance.
Mobile operations (car, motorcycle, boat or other vehicle)
92 questions
Questions about fixed impedance matching networks, the necessity of impedance matching, etc.
91 questions
Handheld Transceiver, or Handie-Talkie. A hand-held radio that looks like a large walkie-talkie, capable of transmitting and receiving amateur radio bands. Often can receive other bands as well.
90 questions
Impedance is the measure of the opposition that a circuit presents to an alternating current when a voltage is applied. This is a force of much interest to the radio amateur especially surrounding th…
86 questions
Devices for connecting balanced and unbalanced feed lines/antennas. Also covers questions about ununs, unbalanced-to-unbalanced connection.
85 questions
Questions related directly to the mode of communication (SSB, CW, digital, etc).
83 questions
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