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What is the antenna design and gain for the WA1 U/V band antenna on the ISS?

I did a reverse image search for the image in your question and found an article by VK3FS which says: The ISS actually features four different vertical antennas on the spacecraft. They are made of ...
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How do you decide on number of turns for twisted gamma match?

It seems to me a "twisted gamma match" is a way of getting a small magnetic coupling to the primary loop, with some extra resistive losses. There's no harm in trying it out, that's the ...
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Operation of an off-center fed vertical for 10 meters

I'll answer your question with the technicalities, and then I'll make some suggestions. First, in a 50 Ohm vertical 1/4 wave antenna, as you might know, your radiator and your radials are each going ...
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Slot antenna for 2 meter mobile

I have done something similar using of all things copper tape. it works quite well but is very directional much like a yagi
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Why are the signals that my antenna is receiving weak?

because your question doesn’t currently include any information about your specific set up, I can only give you some general tips: Tune to a known station such as WWV so that you can properly ...
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Wave bounce inside a resonant antenna

Consider a single finite length wire, bent in an L shape, 1/4 wavelength of some given frequency F0 from the end. A current impulse, say driven by a single spark from a spark transmitter, will indeed ...
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Long Distance antenna feedline for UHF/2.5GHz signal

Depending on the type of data and bandwidth/rate you are planning to pass to the boat. If it is only telemetry/alarming information then a narrowband off-the-shelf system such as LORA may suffice. ...
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