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I figured it out. In FLDIGI I had video IDS check marked under Configure/IDS/Video. Here is the link to a video on YouTube that clearly explains what I needed to know.


Troposcatter is the common mode for beyond line of sight on the 10 GHz ham band when the band is not otherwise open, good for 100's of miles. A radio with just a few watts output power and a moderate sized dish (60cm or more) gets enough ERP for troposcatter. For a few random references, check out: Pages 64-70 of


Message sending is not part of DMR standard. Messages are transmitted in CSBKs, Control Signalling Blocks


There are actually two types of helical antennas. The other answers talk about a directional helical antenna, also called an end fire helical antenna. However, there is also a broadside helical antenna, which is essentially a compromised (shortened) monopole. This antenna is omnidirectional. However, it is still not special (by itself at least) in ...

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