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I have version 2.1.0. Under File->Settings, select the General tab. There is a box marked "Show DXCC, grid, and worked before status" that can be check marked. I use that to identify stations I have worked before.


You may like checking out svxlink. I've had success setting it up on a Raspberry Pi, interfaced with a baofeng (pls don't judge) to accomplish VM (as well as successfully interfacing with EchoLink) in a simplex configuration, but only as a prototype... I haven't experience running it for an extended period. Obviously, you can interface the RPi with the radio(...


Winlink Global Radio Email "is a worldwide radio messaging system that uses amateur-band radio frequencies and government frequencies to provide radio interconnection services that include email with attachments, position reporting, weather bulletins, emergency and relief communications, and message relay. The system is built and administered by ...


I can imagine a device that listens on a ham frequency to record voice messages and decode commands, and then retransmits recorded voice messages on the same frequency on command. Such a device would be relatively easy to design and build. But there are legal issues, at least in the US. Legally speaking, I presume that you're talking about an automated ...

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