Yes, it will work with the proper attention to details. I have done the same in the past at two repeater sites to take advantage of the coverage of the dual band antenna. Do take care as the third harmonic of two meter frequencies can come close to 70 cm frequencies. You will want to plan your frequencies to keep as much separation as possible. Making the ...


I have a Baofeng handheld with similar specifications, and the short answer is no, it does not function as a repeater in any way - cross band or otherwise. I would imagine that would be a feature they would be quite specific about. The long answer is that you can operate between both bands to use a cross-band repeater or satellite. Using software like Chirp,...


TM-V71A firmware update Ver.2.00 (May 16, 2008) added microphone sensitivity to the Menu (No. 111) so that MCP-2A is not needed to change it.


For cross-band satellite contacts, the uplink and downlink frequencies, or at least the nominal frequencies of the bands used, should be logged. Typically the frequencies are both stuffed into a "MHz" field, with an up arrow symbol next to the uplink frequency and a down arrow symbol next to the downlink frequency. The name of the satellite ...


Digging into this further I found something that might be what I'm looking for, SvxLink. https://github.com/sm0svx/svxlink/wiki While this might work I'm still curious about other options. Once I clean up some computer and network issues about the house I'll play with this.


The manual for that radio doesn't seem to specify, so I would guess that it is capable of communicating with a cross-band repeater, but probably not capable of acting as one. Found the manual here: http://s3.image.ro.s3.amazonaws.com/download/GT-3WP-manual.pdf


The transmitted audio on the TM-V71A appears to come out of the box setup for particularly sensitive microphones. It can be adjusted, but only using programming software, it's not available via front panel menus: From the open prgoram EDIT....Menu.....Select Transmit/Receive In the Transmit/Receive dialogue box, change the microphone sensitivity to the ...

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