The tone values for Tone mode and CTCSS mode are stored separately in the TM-V71A. If you set the value when you set up for tone and then change into CTCSS mode, you'll be back at the default 88.5. Make sure to set the tone value to your desired tone after entering CTCSS mode.


TM-V71A firmware update Ver.2.00 (May 16, 2008) added microphone sensitivity to the Menu (No. 111) so that MCP-2A is not needed to change it.


The transmitted audio on the TM-V71A appears to come out of the box setup for particularly sensitive microphones. It can be adjusted, but only using programming software, it's not available via front panel menus: From the open prgoram EDIT....Menu.....Select Transmit/Receive In the Transmit/Receive dialogue box, change the microphone sensitivity to the ...

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