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Can you use elements of fan inverted V for guying?

Diagrams of fan inverted V antennas usually show the elements quite close together and parallel. Anyone experience of, or insights about, spacing elements at say 90° or 120° around the tower to guy it?...
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What is an expected SWR plot for a trap dipole?

I've build a trap dipole for 20/40m bands. Traps are made of a coil wound on an insulator of RG213 coax and 3 kV NP0 capacitors. The impedance measured with EU1KY antenna analyzer is following: This ...
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How Does the Performance of an Inverted V Dipole Compare to a Linear Dipole?

The NEC4.2 comparison in the answer below shows one example, for a practical set of installation conditions.
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How to measure wire for antenna leg | 40m inverted V

I am building the antenna for the first time and I have choosen to start with 40m inverted-v. I am almost done with the center insulator made of PVC piping elements, three eye hooks and SO 239 ...
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Raising height of inverted V by 2 meters

Now that I have a working G5RV Jr. and have had some good luck with DX (Croatia and Venezuela on 20m, Morocco on 40m from Michigan at 100w output), of course I want to mess with the configuration. It'...
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How much distortion would aluminium wire stays for the centre-pole on my inverted-vee cause?

I used nylon rope from the nearest hardware store to stay the centre-mast on my inverted-vee for the 20. The centre-pole is a long long looong bamboo. The trouble is rain here really isn't friendly to ...
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How does aluminum siding on a house affect an inverted-vee antenna next to it?

My two-storey house is wood with alumninum siding. I had wanted to install an inverted-vee antenna with its midpoint hanging from the eave, and endpoints near the ground, but this would place the ...
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Can I have multiple inverted-vee antenna fed by a single coax?

A friend who recently received his call is planning to setup an inverted-vee for 40/20m bands. Our take is the signal will take the path of least impedance into the correct length antenna wire. ...
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