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Wavepropagation through air - EMC test values 100V/m

I am reading the Automotive International standards ISO 11452 and it states that I must have a chamber in which I must generate 100V/m on a range of frequency. My question is: In which circumstances ...
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What is the difference between antenna input impedance and its radiation resistance?

I got to know that the input impedance of the halfwave dipole antenna is given as: Zin=1/Im* sin(β(H-|Z|)) where Im is the maximum current on the antenna( when excited with a 1 volt supply), H is the ...
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How Accurately Does NEC-based Antenna Software Calculate Vertical Monopole Antenna System Radiation Efficiency for "Far-Field" (Only) Conditions?

A common belief among amateur radio operators is that the radiation efficiency of a vertical monopole driven against the Earth is much less than that of an elevated, horizontal dipole of the same ...
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How does the inductive reversal process of the emission of EM radiation at the receiving antenna work?

The emission of EM radiation is based on an induction process in which a periodic electrical voltage creates a magnetic field that is offset by 90° in time and space, also known as the starting near ...
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Is The Lowest Antenna Terminal Feedpoint SWR Always Optimal?

Intuition might lead one to believe that the antenna configuration with the lowest SWR(50) across its input terminals would provide the best radiation efficiency for the antenna system. But is that ...
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