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A passive splitter/combiner in full-duplex mode

We have an RF chain where a full-duplex radio transceiver with Tx and Rx port operating on different frequencies. These are connected to a single antenna (that can Tx and Rx) via a diplexer, so that ...
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How do you choose an inductor wire gauge for high-power RF?

At 100 watts in a 50-ohm system, the current flowing through an inductor would be about 1.41 A, thus a 26-AWG wire should be plenty since they are chassis-rated for 2A and for just a few windings that ...
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DIY Triplexer for HF (low), 6m (med), and 2m/440 (high)

I'm looking at picking up the TYT TH-9800, which is a Quad-Band FM radio on 10m/6m/2m and 440 (I'm lucky enough to have some 6m and 10m repeaters in the area). I know there exists quad band antennas ...
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How to select capacitor for diplexer use

Follow-up on this question: How to prevent cracking the capacitors in my diplexer? Short story: 2m/70cm diplexer, to be used up to 50W. Schematic from Elsie: S21/S11: I don't know exactly what to ...
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How to prevent cracking the capacitors in my diplexer?

Just made my first 2m/70cm diplexer. Important: I aim to be able to use this up to 50 Watts. S21 from the LP section: Having access to regular distributors such as Farnell/Element14, Mouser, Digikey,...
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