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2 votes
1 answer

A passive splitter/combiner in full-duplex mode

We have an RF chain where a full-duplex radio transceiver with Tx and Rx port operating on different frequencies. These are connected to a single antenna (that can Tx and Rx) via a diplexer, so that ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What is the difference between RIT and XIT?

What is the difference between RIT and XIT? When would one use one and not the other for split (or other) HF operation? When would one need both? Which one is more useful for a transceiver to have ...
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How do you operate an "up 3" split dx station with a Kenwood TS570 or similar HF radio?

My Kenwood has "split" and "rit/xit". Is the "split" mode suitable for operating a split for a DX pileup situation, where a station is listening "3 up"? I'm confused about which of the larger or ...
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11 votes
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Why do some DX listen on a different frequency than they transmit on?

I've heard some DX indicate "CQ up 5" for instance, indicating that they are listening on a different frequency than they are transmitting on. What are the reasons one might want to do that?
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