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Map APRS data on Windows laptop using Kenwood D710's internal TNC

My D710G has APRS built in. How can I get that data displayed on a laptop?
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Vara FM winlink with Kenwood D710g and DRA-50

I'm trying to get this working for the first time on a vhf/uhf radio. PTT is working and it seems to be transmitting, but neither I nor the program can hear any response. I' ve tuned the radio to the ...
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Tuning to Aviation Band on Kenwood D-710G?

I got a brand new Kenwood D-710G under the Christmas tree and have been exploring many of its functions. This one has me stumped: How do I set, let's say, Band A to a frequency of 131.550 (AM) to ...
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Is it possible to set the frequency on my Kenwood TM-D710G via Serial Port?

Is it possible to set the frequency on a Kenwood TM-D710G via either the PC or COM ports over a serial connection? The TNC manual does not mention an option to set the frequency, and the PC port seems ...
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Setting up a Kenwood TM-D710G for APRS

If I am going to use a Kenwood TM-D710G for APRS, will I need to leave one of the VFOs on the APRS frequency of 144.390 MHz, or does the TM-D710G have a 3rd VFO built-in specifically for APRS use?
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