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The portion of the VHF spectrum allocated to use in civilian aviation.

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What type of metal, length & diameter should i use to build a vertical antenna to listen to airband frequencies (118-137Mhz)?

I recently purchased RTL-SDR v3 dongle along with antenna kit. I used 60cm each length and built vertical dipole antenna with boom length of 58cm and listened to airband frequencies.The closest ...
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Why is the Air Band distorted at times with SDR Sharp?

I am using SDRsharp to monitor air band with an RTL-SDR dongle. Sometimes I receive ATC voice clearly but at times it's distorted, I am using RTL AGC gain of 29dB with no tuner gain. My filter ...
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Simple AM receiver with gnuradio / RTL-SDR

EDIT: I have succeeded in getting the AM receiver to work, by replacing the AM Demod block with a Complex To Mag, and a Band Pass filter (this is noted as an alternative in the AM Demod docs). ...
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2 answers

Wide band TX capable band-pass filter for VHF and Airband

I want to share the same antenna for VHF (TX/RX 144-148 MHz) and for Airband RX-only (116-136 MHz). I live on a very congested area where filter is a must, so I'm looking for the best solution for my ...
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78.5MHz AM receiver self-oscillation

Circuit appears to be working but very easily breaks into oscillation - sometimes just getting up from my desk triggers it, or while tuning, and sometimes after a few seconds with no disturbance that ...
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where to look for (live or recorded) air traffic conversations for a specific area? [closed]

I am wondering if there's any chance to get a short fragment of ATC/pilot radio exchange of any flight to/from small airport of Talkeetna (Alaska). This airport seems to be not present on, ...
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2 answers

Tuning to Aviation Band on Kenwood D-710G?

I got a brand new Kenwood D-710G under the Christmas tree and have been exploring many of its functions. This one has me stumped: How do I set, let's say, Band A to a frequency of 131.550 (AM) to ...
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Improving VHF airband reception

I'm trying to receive VHF airband transmitted from a nearby airport via RTLSDR and having a hard time doing so. Obviously the stock antenna is useless in this situation. I tried building a quarter-...
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3 answers

Airband Jammed on Yaesu VX-6R

I am an owner of a Yaesu VX-6R. This radio works great on amateur bands. As a glider pilot I often need to hear the frequency of the local airport. I would like to find out whether this radio is ...'s user avatar
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