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IC7300 soundcard issues

I have a brand new Dell XPS laptop running windows 11 pro. The rig is an IC7300 which I had running WSJT-x (JTDX) as well as other digi modes using ham radio deluxe fine on an older (10 year old ...
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Can't connect to my Yaesu FT5D on Windows, what could be the problem?

I installed the driver that Yaesu offers, name PL23XX_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v402, and I'm plugging it to a USB port in my computer using the cable that came with the Yaesu FT5D and then I get this ...
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wsjt-x problems with windows 11

When upgrading from previous version of the windows operating system to windows 11 wsjt-x stops receiving the output from the radio. What should I look for?
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Map APRS data on Windows laptop using Kenwood D710's internal TNC

My D710G has APRS built in. How can I get that data displayed on a laptop?
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can the adhesive used in thru-glass antenna couplers be replaced?

I recently bought a pair of self-adhesive thru-glass antenna couplers for my mobile radios and erred in mounting both of them, which required me to peel them off the side window glass in my minivan. ...
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GNU Radio FM Receiver does not work on Ubuntu 20.04 nor on Windows 10

GNU Radio v3.8 with Qt-GUI on Ubuntu 20.04 Before starting on something new I always test my setup with this GNURadio hello world flow graph which I know for sure, that it used to work. The other day, ...