What kinds of abilities does a Home Owners' Association (HOA) in the United States have to limit the use of antennas placed on a roof to an owner of a home in the area?


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The only power that an HOA holds is that which is specified in the contract signed by the homeowner. This may limit towers or visible antennas. Hams have found quite a few ways around this:

  • It is possible to run a large dipole inside your roof rather than outside, supporting it from the main roof beam. You could use an off-center fed or loaded dipole to get multi-band coverage.

  • It is possible to run a horizontal antenna concealed under the eaves of your house

  • It is possible to use a new or existing vertical metal object such as a flagpole as an antenna

  • It is possible to conceal many types of antenna in a tree or yard

  • It is possible and even ideal to conceal radial wires (used to improve the ground plane) underground

  • Some hams have had success challenging these HOA rules in court on the grounds that they interfere with emergency communications

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I share the same pain, I bought into a Home with HOA BEFORE I got interested in HAM.

A good reference for ideas for HOA restricted Antennas can be found in the ARRL's book "Small Antennas for Small Spaces". It's chalk full of ideas. (ARRL: https://www.arrl.org/shop/Small-Antennas-for-Small-Spaces-2nd-Edition/)

Check YouTube, there are lots of creative ideas that appear to work. I myself have purchased a speaker stand and mounted a J-Pole on it and put it out at night or when I need to get on the air. Seems to work for me pretty well with my HT. Now to get my IC-7100 up and running. :)

I saw one where a Ham put an Antenna in a flower pot and decorated it with fake/plastic flower vines.

Good look.

  • A fellow like minded Ham

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