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Questions about using amateur radio software on MacOS

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Can't run CHIRP on macOS Monterey (12.4)

I'm unable to install both the precompiled binary and the brew cask versions of CHIRP on macOS 12.4. The issues do not seem to be covered by this similar question composed by a macOS 10.x user. After ...
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CHIRP on Mac in 2021

Has anybody had success in running CHIRP on a modern Mac? I am running OSX 10.15.7 and the download I found for Mac looks like just source code, no app file at all. I'm considering trying a build from ...
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audio problem with SDR on MacOS

I'm experimenting with SDR on MacOS High Sierra. Trying both CubeSDR and GQRX and experiencing similar issues with both. The applications seem to work, but the audio is choppy and chipmunk-like. ...
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How can I decode SSTV with only macOS software?

Have you used an SSTV decoding application on an up-to-date version of macOS? Which one, and if you built from source, can you share the steps you took to do so? I do not know of a single working ...
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What equipment and software do I need to read raw civilian GPS signals on my Mac?

This is a hobby project to learn more about GPS technology.
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AX.25 on macOS (aside from APRS)

I'd like to send raw AX.25 packets from a macOS PC using a KISS TNC (mobilinkd TNC2). I've sent APRS packets with this set up using Xastir, but I'd like to send other information besides just APRS (i....
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