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I'm and old man and amateur at Linux. Mostly, I am just a desktop user. However, periodically, I get my hands dirty and hack around at additional features and functions.

Before Vista came out, I installed Ubuntu 8.0 beside Windows XP to try it out. 4 months later, I discovered that I had not gone back to windows.

Since Ubuntu 9, except for using Windows XP in VirtualBox, I have used Ubuntu exclusively on all my computers.

For the first time since 8.0 I am dual-booting 14.04 with Windows 8.1. The reason is I have some software that only works with Windows and until Ubuntu gets this freeze bug fixed, I need to limit crashes MS only.

I have 3 goals for 2015 concerning my computer:

  1. Effective Backup and Restore process: Automated daily encrypted backups that will be stored on the cloud and other physical media local and remote.

  2. Remote access to my desktop computer and any virtual machines which may be on the desktop or a remote VM server. (Probably using VirtualBox)

  3. Paperless Office: Almost all my Bibles, commentaries, other books and even sheet music are now digital, so I hope to digitize and destroy as much other paperwork in my home office as possible.

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