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What does Ham mean?
9 votes

Originally, the term "ham" was used to describe an operator with poor skills. However, it gained usage pretty early on not only in a neutral but even positive way. The usage of the term seems to have ...

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How do I report an emergency using ham radio?
24 votes

Assuming that you have an amateur radio license makes this easier, but it's quite possible that the UK legal language includes provisions that may be applicable and allow transmission without a ...

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Is a Technician license enough to assist in times of emergency?
7 votes

Dan's answer about which frequencies tend to be used for emergency communication is good, but I'd like to add another aspect you seem to be overlooking. Don't dismiss the possibility of such ...

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Why do I need to tune an antenna?
Accepted answer
13 votes

There are two different parts to antenna tuning: transmission line impedance matching and resonance. The antenna is at resonance when it presents a purely resistive load to the transmitter. That is, ...

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Are there well-known methods that can help improve my CW copying speed?
29 votes

The Koch method is supposed to be very good at building fast Morse code receiving skills. The basic idea is that you start out by setting up to receive code sent at your desired target speed, usually ...

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Does an amateur radio licence work worldwide?
2 votes

A CEPT license is valid in all CEPT signatory countries, and many such countries will take it as proof of having passed the relevant examinations and issue a local corresponding license on request. ...

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How to operate IEEE 802.11 WiFi AP within the amateur radio service?
Accepted answer
11 votes

IANAL, but based on my limited knowledge of US amateur radio regulations: Disable all encryption, as encrypted communications are not allowed within the amateur radio service. Yes, WEP counts as ...

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