Lorelei Linklater

Lorelei Linklater is an American actress was born in 1994. She has been active in the industry since 2001. Some of the films Lorelei Linklater is most well-known for include Boyhood, Woodshock, Blood Surf, and her first film, Waking Life. She is also currently filming for another production called Prairie Dogs and is also in the post-production process for a few other films as well. Lorelei Linklater has been nominated for many awards due to her amazing talent and even won the BSFC Award in 2014 for her role in Boyhood as a character named Samantha. The character of Samantha really gave Lorelei the spotlight to showcase her unique and successful acting skills. While her main talent is acting, she also genuinely loves painting and does that as a hobby in her free time. She even sells some of her work online for purchase.

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