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I'm a young electronics scientist who experiments observes and builds. i work with what ever material i can get my hands on and effectively implement with the proper equipment. i have a good understanding of many different concepts, theories, phenomenon and what not. i have worked in the printing, automotive and semiconductor industries. i have a good innovative knowledge base, but no degree, i think school is a brainwashing mechanism for mind control. i educate myself no matter what the teacher thinks. why squander time money and effort to be judged of, knowledge witch is completely infinite and free. really. I read the dictionary and encyclopedia, story books, please. building devices is my passion. I'm going to advocate the next big advancement in technology. but I'm plagued by people who tell and don't listen or even observe. this is why
all of my devices that i have built,.. from scratch have been destroyed or sabotaged. by family, friends, enemies, strangers, doctors, the old, the young, male, female. what happens is i think of a possible way to implement something useful to make a process easier and faster, and get shut down like the idiot they think i am. anyone else in the same boat? oh yea i also experiment with music, sound.

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