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Questions about antennas, other equipment, and operating practices specific to the 160-metre/meter band.
4 questions
for questions relating specifically to the amateur radio HF allocation of 14 000 to 14 350 kHz.
5 questions
for questions relating specifically to the amateur radio VHF allocation around 144 MHz.
48 questions
2 questions
0 questions
for questions relating specifically to the amateur radio UHF allocation around 430 MHz.
18 questions
4 questions
The portion of the VHF spectrum allocated to use in civilian aviation.
6 questions
for all questions related with Alinco OEM equipment.
8 questions
35 questions
Questions about amplifiers, typically RF power amplifiers. For low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) consider using the "lna" tag.
67 questions
Questions about the design, selection, building, testing, mounting, or properties of antennas. See also specific tags: [antenna-theory], [antenna-construction], [dipole], etc.
Materials and methods for building antennas, and design of supporting (non-conductive) structures. For design of antennas themselves, use [antenna-theory] instead.
229 questions
Use for questions about using antenna modeling software to simulate an antenna system and determine its gain and radiation pattern.
33 questions
0 questions
3 questions
The system composed of an antenna and a feed line, and possibly also an RF ground connection, antenna tuner, balun, phasing device, et cetera.
121 questions
Designing antennas, selecting antennas for specific applications, properties of a given antenna design.
384 questions
Questions relating to the setup and use of antenna tuners, the virtues and shortcomings of various types of tuners, etc.
55 questions
Automatic Packet Reporting System is a digital protocol used to transmit GPS position reports, telemetry, weather reports and text messages between APRS compatible devices and software.
67 questions
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American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the largest association of amateur radio enthusiasts in the USA
12 questions
Amateur radio television transmission and reception
5 questions
14 questions
Analog audio signals and connecting or designing related equipment: transceiver mic/speaker ports, headphones, microphones, TNCs, computer sound cards. Closely related signaling such as PTT. See also:…
31 questions
Questions specific to rules, regulations, and practices in Australia.
5 questions
1 question
Devices for connecting balanced and unbalanced feed lines/antennas. Also covers questions about ununs, unbalanced-to-unbalanced connection.
86 questions
A voluntary, not regulated, division of an amateur radio band into sections for specific modes or types of operation.
17 questions
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Questions about bandwidth used by various modes, theoretical questions about bandwidth, and questions about other amateur radio aspects of bandwidth.
49 questions
Baofeng is a manufacturer of radio equipment. Use this tag for questions relating specifically to Baofeng products.
106 questions
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