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Questions about fixed impedance matching networks, the necessity of impedance matching, etc.
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a digital protocol used to transmit GPS position reports, telemetry, weather reports and text messages between APRS compatible devices and software.
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Questions about amplifiers, typically RF power amplifiers. For low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) consider using the "lna" tag.
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used to assist with Amateur Radio operations.
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for questions about specific radio procedures and practices. These are "How do I...?" questions, not about equipment or other issues.
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Questions about RF feed lines. Also tag with coaxial-cable if the feed line in question is a coaxial cable; also tag with connectors if the question is about connectors for an RF feed line.
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56 questions
Questions about acronyms, words, phrases, or other terminology specific to amateur radio.
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Questions about the practices of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a US government agency that regulates communications, including amateur radio. For questions not about the FCC per se, use…
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The common name for a Yagi-Uda array antenna, a directional antenna consisting of a dipole (the driven element), a reflector and zero or more directors. The more directors, the more gain and the narr…
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Single Side Band - Amplitude Modulated signals transmitted using only one side band, often with suppressed carrier.
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Questions about noise in the sense of that inevitable component of any real signal. For questions about avoiding or eliminating interference from manmade sources, use [rfi] instead.
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A manufacturer of radio equipment, including ham radios and accessories.
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Questions relating to the setup and use of antenna tuners, the virtues and shortcomings of various types of tuners, etc.
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for questions of radio theory and/or the underlying physics.
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Questions about the rules, processes and procedures in amateur radio contesting.
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for questions relating specifically to the amateur radio VHF allocation around 144 MHz.
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Questions about RF connectors, including the properties of specific types and how to use them.
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a manufacturer of amateur radio equipment.
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An International manufacturer of radio equipment, Based in Japan. Their products include equipment for radio amateurs, pilots, maritime applications, land mobile professional applications and scannin…
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Questions related to sending digital data over amateur radio including hardware, protocols, and related software.
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Questions about amateur radio emergency communication, either in support of emergency services or for use to report an emergency.
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Questions relating to equipment for Amateur Radio operation.
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Equipment which measures standing wave ratio (SWR). See also [antenna-analyzer]. For questions about fixing “high SWR” problems, see [impedance-matching] instead.
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Questions which may involve math, including calculations about signal levels, the math theory of certain modulations or modes, or anything else.
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Questions related to operating on frequencies above 902MHz.
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