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From some research, beam antennas only seem to come as monoband antennas. Not true — actually 20/15/10m tri-band beams are very popular. Multi-band yagis come in two basic flavors. Trapped. Works on the same principle as a trap vertical to alter the effective electrical length of the elements at different frequencies, except there are way more elements to ...


Engineer999. The driven element of a yagi antenna is normally a half wave dipole, and it's true that a dipole antenna is resonant on multiple harmonically related frequencies. An ideal 10 m long dipole for example is resonant on 15 MHz, 30 MHz, 60 MHz, 120 MHz etc. However the distances between the elements along the boom of a yagi required to provide ...


A resonant 20 meter monoband Yagi will not work on 10 meters. Have you considered a 3-band 10-15-20 Tri-bander? It is a beam, and definitely not a monobander. There are also smaller tri-band directional beams, such as the Hexbeam.

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