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Depends on what you already tried. If nothing, and you have a notebook, then the first step would be getting a cheap USB wifi dongle with a short 1/4 dipole antenna. This is 100% legal (unless you buy an uncertified third country cheap knock-off with a lot of interference...) and this alone makes quite a difference compared to the built in wifi adapter. And ...


This question is off-topic, but it's an easy one to answer. (See below for why it's off-topic.) This is probably illegal. All WiFi devices are type-approved. In the US this approval is by the FCC and the equipment will have the FCC logo on it; in the EU, devices will have a CE mark. In the UK post-Brexit I have no idea what the current situation is, but ...


It Is quite possibly illegal. Actually amplifying your router or extender wireless signal to extend its reach runs the risk of being illegal in many countries. Any wireless device sold in a country with such laws must be approved in accordance with the local legislation. In the USA it is the FCC.

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