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Xastir is most likely what you want. YACC - Yet Another APRS Client is also a newer choice. I have not personally tried it.


It looks like a female TNC connector.


You could use Aprx or Direwolf and configure the client as a Receive-only iGate. You can then assist in sending some directly received data to APRS-IS (the Internet side of APRS) and see the data appear on sites like You will need a password to be able to log to aprsis but this is trivial once you have a callsign and google for aprs password ...


Actually, direwolf already supports higher data rates since 2017; it will use the G3RUH modem for a speed of 9600 or higher. As shipped it can be configured up to 40000 bps. But it's a mistake to think that 9600bps isn't making use of a 48kHz sample rate. The author has done some testing which shows that 9600bps is about the highest rate that works reliably ...


After pairing to the TNC, use the "cu.***" port as the address in Xastir. For me it was: "/dev/cu.MobilinkdTNC2-DevB". Set the baud to 9600 and click done. My connection failed after about 15 minutes. I unpaired, repaired, and then the connection stayed up.


You need the applicable reverse-polarized TNC adapter. Sounds like you have a standard TNC Female on your antenna and a RP-TNC Female on your device. Can you confirm? ---------- Added 31-May-2018 Based on your comments I'm concerned that you are not certain of your determination of the existing connectors. (It's easy to confuse standard TNCs with ...

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