I have version 2.1.0. Under File->Settings, select the General tab. There is a box marked "Show DXCC, grid, and worked before status" that can be check marked. I use that to identify stations I have worked before.


You may like checking out svxlink. I've had success setting it up on a Raspberry Pi, interfaced with a baofeng (pls don't judge) to accomplish VM (as well as successfully interfacing with EchoLink) in a simplex configuration, but only as a prototype... I haven't experience running it for an extended period. Obviously, you can interface the RPi with the radio(...


I can imagine a device that listens on a ham frequency to record voice messages and decode commands, and then retransmits recorded voice messages on the same frequency on command. Such a device would be relatively easy to design and build. But there are legal issues, at least in the US. Legally speaking, I presume that you're talking about an automated ...

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