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You could use a headset or earphones with the receiving radio, so the received audio goes straight into your ears instead of to the microphone of the transmitting radio. Or you could use an assistant to take one radio to another room for your communications tests.


With the battery case detached from the device, look at the side with the copper terminals. You should see several seams that can be exploited with a sufficiently thin shim. I carefully used a box cutter on the right hand inner seam of the battery case and separated the battery case into two pieces without actually cutting or breaking any of the small ...


One of the functions of an oscilloscope is actually to measure RF volts, just make sure to use the x 10 function to minimize loading on the circuit you are measuring, and keep in mind that some high impedance circuits will still be affected even if you use the x 10 function.


Maybe. If measuring a circuit output that expects a load impedance, such as a 50 Ohm coax or antenna, then to measure the RF voltage at that point with an oscilloscope, you should terminate that circuit output with the expected impedance (a dummy load), and measure the voltage waveform across that impedance load with a much higher impedance probe (x10 or ...


Referring to the circuit diagram for this set The mic connector has 2 pins and the grounded body as the 3 connections. As you have guessed the 2 pins are mic input (measured at 0 volts) and PTT switch (measured 30 volts). Both return to the body of the connector. The PTT pin is ...


Menu option for ssb filter (38?) should be "off", if no filter.


SSB requires a signal from the microphone: only when you are talking there is a signal generated. For CW you need to connect a morse key or paddle to have output signal. When FM and AM are operational there is nothing wrong with your power amplifier. In case of a defect: check the microphone by listening to the AM or FM output signal and when that is ok and ...

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