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Advice on keyer: two paddle on old Kenwood with 'straight key' only

In my experience radios are generally keyed by grounding the tip of the key jack. The tip will be pulled high by a resistor inside the radio, to 12 V or maybe 5 V. Other arrangements are possible; I'...
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Wiring a CW paddle and straight key to a TRS connector?

The sleeve/shield contact is always "common" between the two switch contacts. I haven't had extensive experience, but the two radios with key inputs I have used both had settings for whether tip and ...
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I have suddenly lost the ability to transmit CW on M IC-7200 xnxceiver. I am able to receive sigs but keyer does not work.makes dits but no dahs

I hope you found the answer already but just in case you did not, here goes... On page 18 of the Icom 7200 manual, it explains how to set the Key Type. You did not specify what type of key you use (...
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How to use a Linux computer as a paddle key code practice oscillator

This page appears to be what you're looking for. This technique uses the Linux LV2 plugin. You'll have to build an interface with a 555 timer chip. SETUP: an UltraPico Keyer, keys a 555 TIMER CHIP.....
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How to use a Linux computer as a paddle key code practice oscillator

Here is a solution that has been tested and works on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. The software used is called Didadah. [PDF info] The paddles connect via a standard FTDI-based USB-A Male to DB9-Male Adapter ...
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