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Yes & No. The Baofeng is capable of transmitting on FRS/GMRS & MURS. But its not legal to do so (except maybe on GMRS with a license). And no frequency is "secure" as in "private" with any handheld radio that I've ever seen. PL tones, (aka Privacy Codes) are not private at all. This is a popular misconception promoted by manufacturers of those bubble-...


Legality is a big issue. Not to be ignored. There is no legal way for you to do as you suggest in the USA. This radio is too powerful to be legal on FRS. You need a license for GMRS. Applications are in the $90 range. MURS provides exactly the kind of service you are asking about. MURS is license-free All MURS radios must be FCC Type-Certified for ...


The antenna you reference is referred to as a Moxon antenna. All dimensions of the two elements are frequency dependent. I recommend that you use the AC6LA software to calculate the correct dimensions for your target frequency.

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