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There are a few radios that support diversity reception, but only to minimize effects of propagation rotation and multipath, not to increase data rates. This isn't true MIMO. It's more like SISO where the input is whichever one of two antennas has the strongest signal. Which brings up another point - data. There really isn't that much data being used on ...


Can I turn on every GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth radio of a mobile device and synchronize data transfers at extreme speeds between a small, short-range network of devices? This question has several parts. "Which radios in a typical mobile device can both transmit and receive?" Typically they'll have Wifi, Bluetooth, CDMA/GSM, and LTE for recent devices. The ...


I believe that the use of MIMO can bring significant SNR gains for the same amount of data transmitted. Even the much simpler diversity reception could already improve the minimum discernable signal a lot (comparable to a mdeium size power amplifier). Also on HF, MIMO and diversity can bring a lot of link improvement. See my scientific publications (search ...


Broadband Hamnet right now is focused on 802.11G devices, but it could grow to encompass MIMO in the future.

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