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Questions relating to determining your location or the location of a QSO based on one of the various systems of measurement (lat/lon, GPS coordinates, ARRL section, CQ Zones, ITU Zones, Maidenhead Grid, etc).

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What are the qualities of a good field day site?

What are the qualities of a good field day site? Specifically what do you or your clubs look for or use as criteria for site selection?
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Non-traceable radio emitters

There are various techniques for locating a radio emitter. But what are some methods to make this really difficult? There is usually a patch to every vulnerability, at least from the world where I ...
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3 answers

Is there a public standard for 8 and 10 character grid locators?

We have a question about the algorithm for conversion from coordinates into grid squares here, and this is an extension of that. I've noticed that there are several web-sites (for example here, or ...
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Can a FM tuner (receiver) be detected and triangulated?

In movie "6 Below", based on a true history, a lost snowboarder at Mammoth Mountain (California) is located by search and recuse when they detect and triangulate a signal from his MP3 player that also ...
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Mobile Phone offline maindenhead or mgrs web app [closed]

I read an article in a magazine or online about a (.gov, I think) site which showed two, four to six character sequences in a mobile phone browser window. The letters from left to right indicated ...
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How can one convert from Grid Square to Lat/Long?

Can someone explain how can get the Lat/Lon of a given Grid square? (the middle of the grid would be the best). I've looked at this (that does the "reverse"...from lat/lo to grid"): How can one ...
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How Are US Call Sign Location ID's Assigned?

If I take my license exam in California, but my residence is in New York, would my call sign still reflect the New York location?
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7 votes
2 answers

What are CQ/ITU zones used for?

There are already questions about the definition of CQ zones and ITU zones, but there is no information about what these zones are used for (and Google brings up various maps but no explanation). (Is ...
11 votes
3 answers

Where can I find the official definition of ITU Zones?

I've been looking around for a spot that has the official definition of what the various ITU Zones are, but can't find one. What is the official definition? I'm hoping for more than just a map, unless ...
28 votes
13 answers

How can one convert from Lat/Long to Grid Square?

I see that many contests, awards, and other items, use Grid Squares as a means to identify where one is. How can one figure out what one's grid square is, given lat/long?
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Is there a KML or similar file that shows all of the CQ Zones?

I'm wanting to view the CQ Zones in Google Earth, and I understand that a KML file will allow me to do so. Is there a place where I can get a KML file that shows all of the CQ Zones?