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If it was on the 10m band then it could have been the 10-10 club net.


This answer is specific to the US. By the way, Morse code testing was dropped from all amateur radio license exams in the US back in 2007. In the past the FCC conducted amateur licensing exams, but these days the tests have been delegated to volunteer examiners (VEs). Volunteer examiners are typically ordinary hams who have volunteered to give licensing ...


assuming you're in the USA, I've found HamStudy to be very well done AND is free. Check out "study mode" first, where you're presented with actual questions on the exam as well as information about why the correct answer is correct. And there are plenty of other resources out there that provide similar info. When you're ready to take the exam, you ...


What you're talking about sounds like activity that is common for a contest or a QSO party. If you're not familiar with QSO parties they are organized like contests, but the organizers try to emphasize everyone having fun, and don't focus quite as much on scores. There is a saying though, that if something smells, looks, and feels like an elephant then it'...


Guessing it was a contest, and the numbers were the exchanges, per the contest rules. The exchanges vary by contest, so it depends on which contest you heard. Try searching the contest-calendar, here: Perhaps with some more information we can narrow it down.

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