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Russia There are four categories of amateur radio license in Russia. The first category gives you most privileges, including the possibility to use short callsing like R1AB. The exam for this category is most difficult and includes the test on receiving CW at ~12 WPM with Russian letters (that's a few additional symbols e.g. ะจ is ----). Other categories don'...


In South Korea, CW must take the CW test in order to qualify for a possible grade (the practice has been abolished and only the written test is required).


In short, by the letter of the law you cannot posess a transmitter in Canada without a license. In practice, no one gets worked up about it, and people often buy gear before getting their license.


The following Government of Canada links may be of interest: Good luck.


The "Radio Amateurs of Canada" national club seems to offer a number of resources and pointers on "How to Start" at RAC and how to self-study. They also provide a list of local clubs; getting into contact with a club close to you may be a good alternative to starting and studying completely on your own.

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