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What is the output impedance of a typical solid state ham transmitter?

For efficiency the transceiver output impedance is much different from its rated load impedance. For modern 100W TRX expect an output impedance of a very few Ohms. An example: A tranceiver has a ...
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What is the apparent AC voltage source caused by a mismatched impedance on the antenna or transmission line?

This would usually take a course in Transmission Line Theory, but we can give you the mechanical solution really quickly. Behold: THE SMITH CHART (in impedance form): Wow. A mandala! A fractal! What ...
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Understanding how antenna mismatch can damage a transmitter

There are a few parts to this, it's good to keep them separate. 1. Antenna impedance Antennas are complicated beasts, they connect the circuit world of voltage, current and power, into the ...
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Understanding how antenna mismatch can damage a transmitter

– let's say we modify the antenna so its radiation resistance is only 15 ohms. Current increases to 330 mA, total power to 10 W, but only 1.7 W is radiated, with remaining 8.3 W lost as heat. I ...
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