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FLDigi Crashes When Trying to Load RigCAT Description File

Use RigCAT. Check. Commands are echoed. Check. CAT command for PTT. Check. I use Fldigi with IC-7300. CAT command for PTT. Uncheck. Toggle RTS fot PTT. Check. IC-7300 Setting USB Send OFF USB ...
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Using Aviation VHF radio on different frequencies

Modifying a modern solid state radio to work at different frequencies is difficult and not worth the time, effort, and equipment costs. You could buy a low cost marine band handheld or portable radio ...
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Using Aviation VHF radio on different frequencies

Probably not legally. Transverters are a thing, but I doubt if any are certified for use in the services you mention. You may of course DIY a transverter, but that may end up being as costly as simply ...
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