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Any ideas why my phone is not connecting to my Icom ID-51E PLUS2?

As your Icom is 'brand new' as you described it, I would strongly recommend to contact Icom support Technical Support Department Dedicated number 800-253-1498 Monday - Friday 4AM to 5PM PST They ...
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Change VFOs with external mic button in Icon ID-51?

From ■ Optional HM-75LS The optional HM-75LS allows you to remotely select operating frequencies, memory channels, etc. Remote ...
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What do I need to plug a regular set of headphones to an Icom ID-51 PLUS2?

The manual for this radio is particularly unhelpful on this point. So, at a guess... For most radios with this style jack, one hole is for the microphone and the other is for the speaker. The ...
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Temporary Skip frequency on an Icom ID-51 PLUS2

Your presumption about how it functions is correct. The skip time is a global setting for all timed skip operations. It is set from the main Menu. If you wish to skip a channel for the timed period ...
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