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Please excuse me for perhaps stating the obvious, but you need to cut the antenna wire for a half wave on 40M approx 66 feet, it will work ok on 20 and 10 Metres where there are multiple half waves on a 66 foot wire. My homebrew EFHW 49:1 matching unit is attached to 132 feet of wire and works very nicely on the normal harmonically related bands 3.5 - 28 MHz ...


The beacon DK0WCY transmits such information on 80 and 30m.


ITU-R F.1487-0 (Testing of HF modems with bandwidths of up to about 12 kHz using ionospheric channel simulators) seems like what you're looking for. It discusses briefly how an HF channel can be modeled, and provides 9 sets of parameters, every combination of (low, mid, high) latitudes and (quiet, moderate, disturbed) conditions, as well as statistics on how ...

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