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you can install gr-baz from (just do according to its readme file), after that u will have the baudline sink block in Gnuradio.


Basically, beacause you know how large your single sample is (32 bit = 4 B), and since you know where your signal of interest starts and how long it lasts, this is just a matter of Converting that position and length knowledge to sample numbers (if you know it in time rather than samples; but it's easy; $n_{sample}= t_{sample}\cdot f_{sample}$) Multiplying ...


OK, I have found the answer: the tuning is critical. Similar to tuning a SSB signal which shifts the voice frequencies, tuning an AM signal not only shifts the voice frequencies, but distorts the audio until you get right on the carrier frequency. Another minor issue is audio overload. Turning down the volume eliminates that problem. @Kevin Reid AG6YO I ...

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