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Non-traceable radio emitters

IMO, your question is too general to give a good, specific answer. Also, it would help if you elucidated the motivation for the question. I am a semi-retired electrical engineer, not a security or RF ...
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Non-traceable radio emitters

Another possibility to look into is meteor burst communication. This is a well-established technology. You beam a VHF signal up into the sky, it bounces off a meteor trail, and your recipient picks up ...
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How to find something disrupting car key fobs across a parking lot?

There was a similar problem in the US a few years ago and it turned out to be a new shop sign that had a defective ballast that emitted a wide RF spectrum. Most key fob systems operate at ...
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Non-traceable radio emitters

at least in the world where I come from Assuming this is the world of arrogant computer security experts (sorry I'm a bit allergic to this): Well, unlike computers, physics wasn't designed by humans. ...
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Is there a practical way to triangulate a signal?

I suppose that a very rough estimate of the general location of the transmitter could be made by comparing signal strengths of several receivers with omnidirectional antennas without knowing exact ...
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How to make a "you're getting warm/cold"/"fox hunting" game based on RF signals

First the answer: When I worked for the forest service I built single-transistor transmitters where one of the leads of the transistor was the antenna. It doesn't get any more simple than that. They ...
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How do I keep the bomb squad from winning a foxhunt?

Prior to having your event, contact the police who cover the area where you plan to place the unit. Explain that its a Training Aid for rouge signal detection. Offer to bring the unit in to have them ...
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Non-traceable radio emitters

I remember an episode of the live action TMNT series in which Mike had a pirate radio station. To make detection harder, the transmitter was in his truck. I believe everyone here has been thinking ...
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Non-traceable radio emitters

There are several techniques. first physically hide the transmitter and antenna. While this is hard for large antennas, it becomes more feasible at higher frequencies. I read a story about a HAM radio ...
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