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A "simulated inductor" might work in your application: You could adjust the simulated inductance by using an analog multiplexer IC and resistive ladder array IC to change the values of RL and R1.


Perhaps you are thinking of a switched capacitor filter? Unfortunately, most switched capacitor IC components are (were) designed for audio frequencies, not VHF. Another possibility is to use an LC tuned circuit containing a voltage controlled varicap diode capacitor, controlled by a (digital input) DAC. As per the earlier answer, you can use a use a ...


Frequency setting and control can be achieved with a phase locked loop (PLL). The frequency of the oscillator is compared to a known and stable reference frequency. Look for further explanation with search terms: radio PLL, RF synthesizer and frequency stabilisation. Digital control of frequency: fractional PLL and All Digital PLL. See picture. Copyright? I ...

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