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I configured FlDIGI to dislay letters before my PSK31 signal and then I forgot how I did it

I figured it out. In FLDIGI I had video IDS check marked under Configure/IDS/Video. Here is the link to a video on YouTube that clearly explains what I needed to know.
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Pre-transmission burst sent by fldigi

That's a Reed-Solomon identification (RSID). It's purpose is to tell other stations what mode you are using. For PSK it's usually pretty obvious. To disable it, look for the "TxID" button in the ...
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How do i configure fldigi for a UK QTH?

$HOME/.fldigi/data/SQSO.txt, which is the file that contains US states and counties, can be edited to add other QTHs. The layout is fairly clear - just added a line:...
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Ten Tec Argo IV wont connect to Fldigi on R Pi

If you don’t see ttyusb0 when you plug the radio into a Linux machine, but the COM port appears when you plug it into a Windows machine, then it sounds like you need to find a Linux driver for the USB-...
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fldigi will only start the second/third time

This question appears to be answered on stack overflow here :
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BPSK raw data aquisition with HDSDR and FLDIGI

So as I understand you, the Ettus USRP1 is a software-defined receiver, and HDSDR+ExtIO is software that you are using to control the receiver. So the audio comes from HDSDR running on the computer, ...
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