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What are the electrical properties and connectors of a CW key?

Is a key simply a normally open SPST push button switch? Yes - if you're thinking of a simple hand-operated key. Does one end need to be connected to ground? (I believe that is the common usage - is ...
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What is this symbol?

It is a shielded cable type like miniature or rigid coax from the locale VCO module. You typically like to have the VCO or whatever kind of oscillator heated for frequency stability and shielded for ...
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What is this symbol?

I believe that symbol shows a shielded connector with the shield connected to ground.
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Budget Open Source and Open Hardware SDRs?

A lot of the current expensive SDR options use expensive chips like DSP, FPGA, an high speed ADC chips so that they can sample a very wide bandwidth (3MHz - 30MHz) and then extract a few scattered ...
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