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Device that plays only the audio component of a TV signal

In the U.S., analog TV VHF broadcasting ramped up around the early 1950's, but ended circa 2009-2011. In analog TV broadcast signals, the audio portion was transmitted as an FM subcarrier inside the ...
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Has any computer been hacked over amateur radio digital modes?

I know of at least one app that has been hacked based on data received over the air. Because it was done by an ethical pen tester it didn't adversely affect an unsuspecting party, but nonetheless ...
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Has any computer been hacked over amateur radio digital modes?

There are two aspects to communications security here; security issues surrounding invalid data causing issues, and valid data including a command that is itself an inherent security issue. Addressing ...
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Has any computer been hacked over amateur radio digital modes?

That's an excellent question! It's true that software has bugs and in theory one can hack an SDR transceiver and/or PC over ham radio bands. This is also true for regular (non-amateur) SDR receivers, ...
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Is it legal to make transmissions to one's own auto-confirming radio with the intent that a non-licensed person read the messages?

Perhaps a good lawyer could help you argue for some sort of loophole here, but this this certainly seems to fall within the intent of the ยง 97.113 Prohibited transmissions section of Part 97. Both: (...
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FT8 not displaying

I found out that since I was using a not so well known radio, it didn't show up on the list of radios. So, it is using the microphone instead of the USB port for input. So, it seems like I can't use ...
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FT8 not displaying

it is possible that your clock is not set to the correct time. FT8 relies on signals starting at a precise time. if the clocks on the transmitter and receiver are not the same, the receiver will not ...
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Repeater Amplifiers DMR vs Analog

So... really what you want to shoot for with a digital system is relative signal consistency between among the 1's and the 0's. With that in mind, recall that: Class A amps are pretty linear, ...
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