Many contests use them as a convenient measure of how many different "regions" you've managed to contact. Since using countries as a contest multiplier isn't necessarily very accurate (within a certain radius, US can only easily reach Canada or Mexico or ocean, within the same radius, a station in central Europe could easily have their first 20 contacts come ...


Both are a means of identifying where you are in the world. CQ Zones is managed by CQ Magazine, and the ITU Zones are managed by the ITU. You can see more information about how they are defined in the two questions you linked. Some contests use them as an identifier of where you are, the most notable being the ITU number used in the IARU competition in July, ...


Yes, there is now. This is probably what you want. https://g7vjr.org/2019/08/google-earth-kmz-files-for-cq-zones-and-itu-zones/


There is not any such listing, as the definitions for CQ zones are a bit ambiguous. The official definitions can be found at the CQ Magazine WAZ award definition. Areas like the ocean aren't covered, otherwise it's a fairly simple geography lookup to get the areas defined.

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