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Transmitting Video Underwater

Here is some useful scholarly information about the signal attenuation (in dB) of EM waves through freshwater at various frequencies and depths. You will find a formula that you can use. You will also ...
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How narrow-band can a DVB-S2 signal be?

I've heard that 2 days in the lab can save 2 hours of reading but in this case it turned out to be easy to test. It is the sample rate of the SDR which changes the bandwidth of the signal. Since I am ...
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Transmitting Video Underwater

SSTV could be an interesting answer here. Bandwidth requirement is about 30 KHz to reach your goal of 1 frame per second AND it's proven tech on HF bands... though you'll need to multiplex the video ...
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Is it possible for an amateur to transmit ATSC?

Software defined radios (SDRs) that can transmit can certainly do this. In the GNUradio software, for example, there are blocks for receiving and transmitting ATSC; cf. this blog post for how to ...
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Transmitting Video Underwater

Any antenna under water is creates a far more difficult problem than that of the main focus of the school project. I would put a WiFi transmitter (ESP32,, inexpensive loss if drowned) on a ...
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How do I receive ATV with GNU Radio?

It depends of what signal do you want to receive: ATSC and DVB are digital standards and you have blocks and scripts to deal with as you have seen in the webpage you linked. DVB has a lot of ...
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