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Questions about the design, selection, building, testing, mounting, or properties of antennas. See also specific tags: [antenna-theory], [antenna-construction], [dipole], etc.

This tag is appropriate for any question relating to an antenna. It should only be used if the question is about antennas, general questions about using or setting up a radio do not belong here, nor do general questions about reception or interference.

Use this tag any time you're asking about a specific antenna, including practical questions (how to build it) and theoretical questions (how it works). This tag is also appropriate for mounting or setting up antennas, testing antennas for SWR or with an antenna analyzer, selecting materials to use for an antenna, or questions about commercial antennas.

Consider also using a more specific tag, such as:

Tags related to specific types of antennas: , , , , , , , , , , ,

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