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Transmission of digital signals over Amateur Radio, including modes like PSK-31, RTTY, JT-65, JT-9, etc.

2 votes

How to operate on HF if an AM transmitter is only 540 feet away?

Why not try a good small transmitting "magnetic loop" (like LNR's W4OP Loop, the AlexLoop, the AlphaLoop, etc.) along with some RFI protection around your transceiver? A narrowband directional antenna …
natevw - AF7TB's user avatar
1 vote

SDR dongle and HamitUp for QRP Digi-modes

The receive performance of an RTL-SDR with an upconverter will probably not be as good as a "traditional receiver", for pretty much exactly the three reasons you highlight. I can't speak authoritativ …
natevw - AF7TB's user avatar
5 votes

Are there any modes that use pseudo-random noise codes to "amplify" signals?

If you're asking if Amateur Radio licensees use modes based on PRC, it may depend on how those are defined exactly. There are some relatively common ham radio modes that allow decoding near or below n …
natevw - AF7TB's user avatar
1 vote

How/where can I learn about ft8?

With a quick search I found several documents where you can get information about using FT8: Getting Started on FT8 — ARRL-hosted powerpoint FT8 operating guide — PDF with setup and tips, hosted by …
natevw - AF7TB's user avatar
1 vote

Digital Modes Transmission Traffic Comparisons

I think this is an interesting question, but seems hard to answer. In the USA, perhaps you could FOIA the FCC to see what their monitoring stations cover and/or if they collect any data on this. Othe …
natevw - AF7TB's user avatar
2 votes

What exactly are Gold sequences and how are they used?

To quote the Wikipedia article: A Gold code, also known as Gold sequence, is a type of binary sequence, used in telecommunication (CDMA) and satellite navigation (GPS). Gold codes are named after Rob …
natevw - AF7TB's user avatar
2 votes

How do you open ax.25 ports?

Listen tcp bind address already in use. This sounds like a somewhat generic error, not necessarily related to your AX.25 software itself but certainly a bummer to encounter it while set …
natevw - AF7TB's user avatar
5 votes
1 answer

Expected practices for one ham operating under another's privileges?

I understand that in the United States, amateur operators and even non-licensed persons may participate in domestic (and approved international) communications on bands they wouldn't normally be allow …
natevw - AF7TB's user avatar